Creative Outreach Group, the history

Singles in Ministry (2009)

The nascent Creative Outreach Group began in 2009 as the ‘Singles in Ministry’ when a group of recently retired church members attempted to find their place in the ministry of the FUMC Mesquite. 

Mission Statement for Singles in Ministry at FUMC Mesquite
  • Empower others to service through rummage sales.
  • Provide fellowship through monthly activities. 
  • Contribute to missions outside the local church either on mission trips or monetary contributions.
  • Be commissioners for Methodist Children’s Home

Creative Outreach (2011)

Because those fellowship activities/outings sounded like so much fun; others – not single-desired to join the group; therefore, the group agreed on a more inclusive name – Creative Outreach.  Below is a 2009 article about the Creative Outreach group.

The Creative Outreach group has one main goal - to reach outside our church to others and share God’s love.  This is evidenced in our support of the Waco Methodist Children’s Home and the graduating seniors and sharing with the community and the Academy Kids through our gardens, including our butterfly garden.   Another way we serve those outside our church is through the rummage sales where we price clothes and other useful goods for very reasonable prices.  We will have more rummage sales next year for this purpose and to raise money for the garden project. 

Master Garden Initiated (2012)

The stars lined up and the moon was right in 2012 when we embarked on building a Certified Demonstration garden for the Dallas County Master Gardeners.  In 2012, one of our members enrolled in the Dallas County Master Gardener program about the same time Pastor David Weber said he would like to start a community garden at our church.  Through the Dallas County Master Gardener program, we were able to create a Certified Demonstration garden at our church.

Thrift Store Opened (2016)

Because members were aging and rummage sales were hard work, we transitioned to a Thrift Store in 2016 for moving some of the merchandise which allowed us to continue to reach out to the community.  We still have rummage sales but fewer and smaller. 

Open Mondays and Thursdays at 9:00 am- 1:00 pm.

Please note hours are subject to change due to volunteer availability or pandemic guidelines. 

Creative Outreach (2021)

We still have the original mission, but have expanded!

  • Empower others with service through rummage sales and the Thrift Store.

  • Provide fellowship through weekly activity, which today is mainly working in the garden. 

  •  We still support the graduating seniors at the Waco Methodist Children’s Home and make a yearly contribution to the Home. 

  • We still are commissioners for Waco Methodist Children’s Home.

  • With the money earned from the rummage sales and the Thrift Store we support our local church with a 10% tithe of proceeds plus support for other activities within the church (UMW, T-shirts sales, contributions to silent auctions, etc).  We support the Sacred Spaces Garden project of the church which includes buying supplies for all the gardens, including upkeep on the prayer garden. 

  • The church has gardens that are admired by others throughout the community and we are often engaged in gardening advise which is another way to build relationships beyond the church walls.

And…thirteen years later, on Earth Day, April 22, 202, we are still reaching out to share God’s grace.  Here we are with the children of Academy Kids and Faith Prep on a beautiful, sunny day totally aware of God’s love in our lives and sharing that with the children as we plant and talk about God who created the sunshine and rain to make the gardens grow.  Gardening always is an exemplary pathway to God's grace.